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Cyst Removal and Drainage

There are a variety of different kinds of cysts that can occur on the skin. Our professional dermatologist can help you with our Cyst Removal and Drainage services.

If you have a bump or a growth on your skin — this could be a cyst. Cysts are sacs filled with skin cells, bacteria, and/or pus. They vary in size and can be found anywhere on the body. As time goes by, more and more skin cells become trapped in the cyst causing it to grow larger. It’s hard to identify a cyst versus a boil, skin abscess, or something else that may need treatment. Contact us today for a proper diagnosis.

Cyst Removal and Drainage | Oasis Dermatology
Cysts Drainage and Removal | Oasis Dermatology
Causes & Symptoms


Cysts are formed when pockets of skin cells get trapped inside the skin. These skin cells cannot escape because an opening of a hair follicle is blocked by a clogged pore or ingrown hair.

What Are The Symptoms of A Cyst?

At first a cyst may feel like a bump under your skin. It may start as an ingrown hair or acne pore that has become infected, allowing the skin to get turned in on itself. These infections can be quite painful and may be odorless at first.

When left untreated, it may progress and give off a smell, which is commonly described as "rotten" or "putrid." Depending on the degree of infection, it will require cyst drainage or surgical cyst removal.

Common Types of Skin Cysts

Pilar Cyst

Pilar cysts on the scalp can be a painful, disfiguring experience. When left untreated, they can cause hair loss on that part of your scalp, or they may even rupture, which is a painful and messy experience. Oasis Dermatology offers pilar cyst removal.

Sebaceous Cyst

Pimple-popping videos made these cysts famous. These cysts often return after being popped. Sebaceous cysts form when the skin turns inward, creating pockets or sacs that trap skin cells that would normally be sloughed off.

Digital Mucous Cysts

Digital mucous cysts are caused by joint fluid collecting at the base of the nail. A cyst forms as a clear, hard bubble (like a blister) on the joint near the nail. If punctured, a thick sticky liquid that lubricates the joint will ooze out.

Procedures for Draining A Cyst

Incision | Oasis Dermatology

This process of draining a cyst is not that complicated. Under local anesthesia, our dermatologist will make a small incision through which the cyst can be drained. Some gauze will be packed into the wound, which is removed after a day or two.

Injection Treatment | Oasis Dermatology
Injection Treatment for Cysts

In this treatment option, a medicine will be injected into the cyst to reduce the swelling and inflammation. This is preferred for short-term relief of the inflammation and to help shrink large cysts. 

Minor Cyst Surgery | Oasis Dermatology
Minor Cyst Surgery

Surgical removal of a cyst is usually safe and effective, preventing the recurrence of cysts in most people. If your cyst is inflamed, your doctor will likely delay the surgery until it has gone down.

Things You May Want To Know


Can you give me an idea about the cyst removal cost?

Our dermatologist will need to examine your cyst first to be able to determine how much the treatment will be. Treatment depends on the size and type of cyst.

Most insurances cover cyst removal treatment since it is a medical procedure and not a cosmetic one. The cost will usually go against your deductible. It is better to look at your policy or inquire with your insurance provider to determine how much they can cover.

Should I see my dermatologist if I suspect a cyst in my skin?

If you feel something hard under your skin, make an appointment to see your dermatologist immediately. It may be a simple cyst, or it could be something else. Only a medical professional would be able to confirm that.

What happens if I leave my cyst alone?

Cysts are generally benign. They grow slowly, but they can become painful, red, and swollen if they burst and get infected. When they start leaking, they may have an opening where bacteria can enter. If this happens, a more severe infection can take place. We recommend contacting us early on when you first notice the cyst. This will lessen the chances of infection and minimize the procedure.



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