What Is The Best Treatment For Teenage Acne?

Acne is a common skin condition faced by most teenagers. And even if we reiterate that it’s normal, many are still embarrassed by it. It’s understandable, and that’s why it has become our mission to help teens improve their skin. This can also help them boost their confidence.

Best Tips to Manage Acne Prone Skin for Teens 

If you are a parent concerned about your teen, or a teen who’s struggling with acne, here are a few tips to have better skin.

Use Gentle Cleanser

You probably have the misconception that strong products can help your skin condition. Well, these can actually make it worse, especially if a dermatologist doesn’t prescribe it.

If you plan to use an over-the-counter cleanser, we recommend looking for gentle products with topical benzoyl peroxide. You may apply the cleaners using your fingertips, and use lukewarm water to clean your skin.

Stay Away from Facial Scrubs 

Did you know that scrubs and excessive scrubbing and washing can all lead to worse skin? Treat your skin as if it was a baby’s.

Never Touch nor Prick Your Face 

As much as it is tempting to do so, never touch your acne. Others have the habit of pricking it, but that can lead to infections. In fact, pricking can cause scarring, which can be more challenging to manage.

Wear Clean Face Masks Everyday 

Even if most places have allowed people not to wear face masks, a few still have included it in their practice. If you are one of these people, ensure to wear fresh face masks every day.

Shower After Physical Activities and Wash the Hair Regularly 

Teens can be very active, and they probably do a lot of things outdoors. If this is the case, take a shower as soon as you can. Also, use shampoo to clean the hair, especially if they have oily hair. Remember that exercising can cause sweat and oil production, which can be a recipe for acne.

Treat Acne as Soon as Possible 

When you notice that the acne breakouts of your teen are unusual, we encourage you to seek professional help immediately. As always, it’s easier to treat fewer pimples, especially at the early stages and if they are young. This can help them prevent acne during their adult years and avoid scarring.

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Shield Your Skin From the Sun 

We all need sun exposure to produce vitamin D. However, excessively exposing yourself can lead to acne conditions that become worse. And that’s not all. It can damage the eyes and affect the immune system.

We recommend regularly applying non-oily moisturizer with sunscreen.

Use Less Makeup 

Wearing makeup has become the norm. However, you might want to keep it at a minimum. Cosmetic products can cause pores to clog, and that can lead to acne.

Manage Stress 

Stress can also lead to acne breakouts. Learn how you can stay calm and relaxed. Understanding the environment of teens, it can be hard for them to compose themselves. Meditation or developing a positive hobby can help them.

When To Seek Professional Help? 

If your teen has tried over-the-counter remedies and changed their lifestyle, yet the skin worsens, don’t waste time. Head to a credible dermatologist near your area. They will recommend customized treatments and possibly prescribe medications.

But before you schedule an appointment, do your due diligence to see if the clinic is worth visiting. Check the credentials and read reviews online.

Skin Treatments for Teenage Acne with Oasis Dermatology 

If you need help improving your teen’s skin health, Oasis Dermatology has the right solutions for you. We have been helping hundreds of patients of all ages with various skin conditions. Our goal is for people to regain that confidence and enjoy life with healthier skin. Contact us today or schedule an appointment here.

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