What Is Cosmetic Dermatology And Why Is It Important?

The mention of human organs makes people think about the heart or brain. Most don’t think about the skin, which is ironic since it’s the body’s largest organ. It’s 14% of your body weight and covers an area of 20 square feet.

Your skin is also the most exposed part of your body. The good news is the right skin care can do a lot in protecting our skin against harsh elements. It’s why the skin care industry is a billion-dollar market. Experts say it can reach $189.3 billion by 2025.

People are willing to spend good money on high-quality skin care products. They’re also turning to the expertise provided by cosmetic dermatologists.

What is Cosmetic Dermatology?

Dermatology is the diagnosis and management of health conditions that impact the skin. It also encompasses other aspects like nails, hair, and membranes. A dermatologist specializes in dermatology.

The field of dermatology is now divided into two – medical and cosmetic. Medical dermatology focuses on skin health. It deals with diagnosing and treating skin cancer, psoriasis, and other skin conditions.

Cosmetic dermatology focuses more on improving the skin of a person’s face and neck. This specialized field is sometimes called aesthetic medicine. Cosmetic procedures like Botox and laser therapy fall under its auspices. Other examples are skin peels, dermal fillers, and laser hair removal.

Dermatologist vs Cosmetic Dermatologist: What’s the Difference?

Not all dermatologists are equal. There’s a subtle line between a dermatologist and a cosmetic dermatologist. The former specializes in skin diseases while the latter focuses on skin enhancement.

A dermatologist is a skin doctor. They’re the person you need to talk to for harmless conditions like a rash or acne. They’re also who you should see for serious diseases like psoriasis, eczema, and skin cancer.

A cosmetic dermatologist is also a skin doctor. But they opted to focus on the cosmetic improvements of the patient’s skin. You go to a cosmetic dermatologist if you want to have warts or skin tags removed. They’re the specialists to see if you want cosmetic treatments like micro-needling.

It’s crucial that you understand that not all cosmetic specialists are dermatologists. Many skincare centers or spas also have skincare specialists on their staff. These people are not doctors. They’re only trained to handle specific skin treatments or procedures.

Reasons Cosmetic Dermatology is Important

Cosmetic dermatology has grown in popularity over the years. There are many reasons why people are seeking help from cosmetic dermatologists.

  • Cosmetic dermatology has great anti-aging procedures. Growing old is a normal part of life. But many people want to go through the process with more grace. Botox and cosmetic laser dermatology can help reduce lines and wrinkles. There are also procedures that deal with sagging skin, whether on the face, neck, or hands.
  • Cosmetic dermatology treats other skin conditions. There’s more to this field than erasing wrinkles and tightening sagging skin. Botox and laser treatments are also used to treat stretch marks and scars caused by acne. It can also even out skin discolorations. These simple procedures work fast and can stimulate the production of collagen.
  • The procedures are quick and non-invasive. You don’t need to become hospitalized when you do a cosmetic dermatology procedure. Most have a recovery period of one to three days.

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